DSL Wholesale

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Wholesale connects users to the Internet via a conventional phone line. It enables connectivity for broadband providers to offer Internet service to end-users through TM’s wired broadband network.

DSL Wholesale

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DSL Access

Enables service providers to connect end-users in a dedicated DSLAM port.

IP Wholesale

Connects DSL Access to service providers’ IP network and enables end-users to reach their broadband services.

Key Benefits

Benefits Details
Flexibility to Bundling with Other Value-Added Services Minimal start-up network cost provides ease in starting businesses. Allows customers to focus on broadband content and packages.
Build Own Brand Enables service providers to promote their own branding and service positioning to the market.
24 / 7 Customer Service Center Round-the-clock support by experienced service engineers and technicians.
Economical Broadband Solution Nationwide broadband access via one gateway.


Suitable for broadband providers who wish to offer internet services to end-users via wired broadband network.

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