Global Ethernet Services

Provides a secure point-to-point & multipoint-to-point Ethernet connectivity deployed over TM’s private Global EoMPLS network and a strong position in the market globally with over 20 PoPs connectivity owned by TM worldwide. TM as ASEAN Gateway for Layer 2 & Layer 3 services. The implementation of VLAN to have multiple end customers in a single port also reduces the cost of port and cross-connect.

Global Ethernet Services

Our Services

  • Global Ethernet Services is a flexible, reliable and secure bandwidth connectivity services over shared network resources.
  • Scalable speed offering ranges from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps in scalable increments. (1G and above; subject to infra availability / readiness).
  • Carrier Class Ethernet technology offering Point-to-Point / Multiple Point-to-Point connectivity.
  • Deployed over TM WHOLESALE IP / MPLS backbone - EoMPLS technology


Global Ethernet On-Net Coverage

Region Locations
North America Ashburn, Los Angeles, Miami, San Jose
Europe Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Marseille, London
Middle East Fujairah
North Asia Hong Kong, Japan, Taipei
South Central Asia Sri Lanka
South East Asia Bangkok, Cambodia, Jakarta, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore



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