Global Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IPVPN) Services

TM's Global IPVPN Services offers a secure, scalable communication network and flexible architectural option that is customised to increased the efficiency of your business by connecting your geographically dispersed employees, remote workers, business partners, branch offices and suppliers across continents in a cost-effective manner.

Global Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IPVPN) Services

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Delivers private data via a reliable and secure shared networking infrastructure, which uses MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) to provide a secure network-based, highly scalable and manageable IPVPN

Key Benefits

Benefits Details
MPLS Technology Provides a highly secure network and a more efficient way to manage applications through MPLS technology.
Class of Service (CoS) Greater flexibility for customers to customise their network needs with 4 CoS offered
  • Multimedia
  • Mission-Critical
  • Standard
  • Economy
Mission-Critical Application Support Suitable for supporting a wide customer base from regional ISP, as well as large businesses that require mission-critical applications and high throughput database transaction.
High Capacity Bandwidth Enjoy the ability to subscribe to high capacity bandwidth with speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps.
Rapid and Scalable Connectivity Data transmitted in its raw form enables fast packet delivery. Adding new sites, locations or upgrades is cheaper and easier as there is no need for a dedicated private leased line, hence building a viable fully meshed multisite network.
Managed Service The complexity of managing global connectivity will be handled by a single provider.


Ideal for Multinational Corporations, Government Organisations and Enterprises requiring high efficiency, secure global connectivity and competitive pricing.

Industry Application

Oil and Gas Customers Customers generally have many sites and require managed services to connect with branches. Hence, TM proposes for IPVPN solution to cater to this requirement which is suitable for the usage branch offices.

Media and Broadcast Customers Customers require connection to one of the cloud service providers as they usually have a few branches across country. In addition, they also need managed services for all sites, thus IPVPN is the suitable product to accommodate the customers’ requirements.

Finance and Service Institution Banking sector needs high security for connection to branches in order to secure their data transaction. IPVPN is the best solution to cater to this requirement since IPVPN resides in private network where the security is high, and it could eliminate intrusion into their network.

Shops and Outlets Customers need connection to cater for credit card application. Hence, IPVPN is a suitable solution since it could offer a secure and flexible architecture options for branch offices and outlets.

Small Medium Enterprise Customers Small Medium Enterprise customers require connectivity all over the world which IPVPN has the reachability to connect customers via TM PoPs worldwide.

Special Key Highlights

TM has the potential to be your ASEAN gateway for Inbound & Outbound Connectivity for Layer 2 (Global Ethernet) & Layer 3 (Global IPVPN).

Benefits of Customers Coming to ASEAN via TM

One Stop Center Centralized offering for any layer 2 and Layer 3 requirements inbound and outbound ASEAN.

Collaboration with Partners Extensive connectivity with Access Providers and Regional Carriers to ensure optimum service performance.

Competitive Price A secure and reliable network at a competitive price to connect you to one of the world’s fastest-growing market.

Seamless and Mesh Network Strong service availability and performance by managed bandwidth offering.

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