International Ethernet Services

TM’s International Ethernet Services is designed to deliver high bandwidth capacity, flexible service scalability and reliable access solutions for corporate networks to achieve a competitive edge in today’s business world

International Ethernet Services

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International Ethernet Private Line

Provides cross-border, end-to-end managed bandwidth and dedicated connectivity over a reliable platform at high-speed.


Key Benefits

Benefits Details
High Bandwidth Capability Subscribers can enjoy higher bandwidth connectivity, scalable from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps (IEPL-M) and 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps (IEPL),, using simple and familiar ethernet connection with cost effective pricing.
Reliable and Secure Connectivity Seamless and secure Ethernet connectivity links customers in Malaysia to foreign countries via TM’s extensive global network.
Flexible Service Scalability Flexible incremental bandwidth options are tailored to meet the actual demand of required traffic as opposed to legacy services such as Private Line / Frame Relay / ATM Bandwidth offering
Ease of Use International Ethernet Services is provided via standard, widely available and well-understood Ethernet interface. Using Ethernet service to extend network interconnection globally simplifies network operations, administration and provisioning.


Perfect for high end applications with fixed performance expectations and very high bandwidth requirements. Ideal as alternative solutions to the current global MAN / WAN services. Enhanced to support multimedia applications for Layer 2 enterprise networking, with higher bandwidth capacity at the simplicity of native Ethernet connectivity.

Enables better cost management and accommodation of ad-hoc business requirements where cross border connectivity for high volume traffic and mission-critical application such as high bandwidth data transfer, video and storage are required.

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