IP Wholesale

IP Wholesale is an essential component that connects a network’s Point-of-Presences (PoPs) to TM’s IP Core Network backbone to enable end-to-end IP connectivity. IP wholesale provides an immediate and cost effective means for businesses to deliver IP-Managed.

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IP Network for Interconnection between Preferred PoPs

Enables end-to-end IP-Managed applications such as IPVPN or Internet services.

Class of Service Levels

Multiple service level grades offered Economy, Standard Data, Mission-Critical and Multimedia.


Key Benefits

Benefits Details
Advanced IP Routing Technology Establishes and prioritises traffic routing, ensuring use of the shortest path across the network.
Any-to-Any Connectivity Interconnects geographically dispersed sites.
Simplified Network Scalability Outsourced backbone with infrastructure reduces network complexity.
Traffic Security, Integrity and Segregation Customer's traffic is separated from others through VPN functionality.
Interconnected Interface Multiple choices of interconnected interface that support the transparency of diverse network policies.
24 / 7 Customer Service Center Round-the-clock support by experienced service engineers and technicians.


Suitable for businesses that require a backbone network to enable instant end-to-end IP-Managed applications to customers under their own management.

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