Local Number Solution (LNS)

Providing Malaysia numbering as a service that provides call communication to end users of Carrier over an IP network. Callers from Malaysia or around the world may call the Malaysia Local Numbering provided by TM specifically the 0154-600 XXXX numbers. Voice calls are collected by TM voice Switches and converted to VoIP (SIP). Calls are then routed via IP links to Carrier’s SIP Server in Carrier’s VoIP network. From there, they are transported to the Carrier’s end users. This is a solution for the Carrier in delivering their services such as local numbering, virtual numbering, conferencing and other businesses that require Malaysia numbering to serve targeted end users.

Local Number Solution (LNS)

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A service provided by TM to enable completion of call communication to end users of Carrier via TM’s 0154 numbering range over an IP network.


Step Responsibility
1 Establishes IP inter-network connection between Carrier’s network with TM’s I-NGN.
2 TM assigns a block of 0154 numbers to the Carrier.
3 TM performs routing configuration through the IP inter network connection.
4 Carrier map 0154 number to specific end users


Service Features Description
Call Communication Voice call only
Connection Via IP Link and Connected to TM’s I-NGN Soft Switch at designated TMPOI
Service Offering Malaysia / International
LNS Number Prefix 0154 – 600 XXXX
Contract Term 2 years

Key Benefits

Benefits to Carrier

Benefits Details
Additional Revenue With potential to generate additional and extra revenue.
Fast Implementation Fast implementation go-to-market with IP numbers readiness.
Increases Value Proposition Increases carrier’s value by offering local numbers to reach globally.
At Par with Technological Trends People are more keen towards IP technology and on-the-go service where the Carrier may offer the service via apps/soft client.

Benefits to End Users

  • Stays reachable abroad.
  • Allows seamless conduct of conference calls.
  • Provides local business presence.
  • Eliminates IDD rate and roaming.
  • Provides remote office workers with a local phone number.

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