Professional Service

Professional Services is a service that is designed to ensure your project is well planned and accelerated by providing related trainings, consultancy and structured project management.

Professional Service

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There are **four ** (4) modules that you can choose from :


Module 1 CONSULTANCY AND TRAINING Provides consultant and trainers for network / infra analysis, planning, strategy and technologies.


Module 2 NETWORK DESIGN Provides network design, test plan that covers end-to-end testing and verification of network or system functionality.


Module 3 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Provides expertise / certified project manager for the project management and progress monitoring.


Module 4 NETWORK BUILD AND INTEGRATION Provides materials / resources to building the network.

Project Management Planning


Key Focus Areas

  • Global Voice
  • FTTH
  • WiFi
  • Data Centre
  • IPTV
  • E-Learning

Key Benefits

  • Extensively experienced with a track record in planning, implementing and maintaining telecommunication infrastructure.
  • Specialises in various areas of expertise.

  • Modules are flexible, with an option for stand-alone consultation and /or Design, Build, and Project Management.

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