TM Content Delivery Network (TM CDN)

TM CDN brings you closer to the market and extends your coverage across ASEAN through a hub ecosystem connecting your content to all regional content service providers. Experience media like never before with TM CDN. Gratifying entertainment experience anytime anywhere with shorter connection distance with faster load time.

TM Content Delivery Network (TM CDN)

What is CDN?

Content delivery network (CDN) is an approach to provide fast delivery of internet content by bringing content closer to the audiences through a group of distributed network servers. With the increasing demand of streaming media especially in the form of video, CDN has become a popular solution to content providers, application providers and service providers that want to alleviate the congestion on the network, expand their content market and enhance the end-user experience.

CDN provides faster and more responsive web loading. The end-users will also enjoy uninterrupted live streaming as CDN provides lower latency and high definition experience. In addition, CDN enables the end-users to get faster download speed for large file downloads. As for the content owners and service providers, CDN can reduce storage infrastructure requirement and improve digital asset distribution.

Today, the majority of web traffic is served through CDNs, including those from OTT players/hyperscalers.


How does a CDN work? CDN leverages on a distributed group of network servers that are also interconnected with other networks in delivering the content. Contents are delivered from local delivery nodes rather than the content origin servers. For instance, when a user sends a request to access a website, CDN will redirect the request from the originating site’s server to a server in the CDN that is closest to the user and subsequently deliver the content. Without CDN, all user requests and responses travel several paths with far connection distance and therefore traverse many possibly congested links resulting in slower response.

Discover how CDN can benefit for your business When your target users or customers are large and require delivering a high amount of content to a large scale of audience globally, CDN can help to reduce latency, speeds up the end-users experience of the website through distributed network servers around the globe. CDN will also ensure the site is responsive regardless of traffic volume, provide cost-effectively scale web services and support large, fast and reliable downloads to end-users.

Other CDN benefits are:

  • Block spammers, scrapers and other bad bots

  • Localize coverage without the cost

  • Reduce bandwidth consumption

  • Load balance between multiple servers

  • Protect your website from DDoS attacks

  • Secure your application

CDN are mostly used for Business-to-Business (B2B) interactions and in serving content to consumers. Today, as more aspects of daily life move online, organizations use the CDN to accelerate static content, dynamic content, mobile content, e-commerce transactions, video, voice, games and so on.

Why TM CDN is a better choice

TM, as the content gateway to Southeast Asia, provides extensive coverage throughout the region. Currently, most of its 58 CDN nodes are available across Southeast Asia, making the content delivery process even faster.



  • Our Presence

    Growing infrastructure of multiple nodes across the Asia Pacific and other parts of the world.

  • Our Customized Service

    Catering to your needs through our modular service options supported by our global presence.

  • Our Extensive Features

    Supporting various content types with a focus on media streaming.


  • 58 CDN Nodes (40 Nodes in Southeast Asia, 18 Nodes in Rest of World)

  • 1.76 PB Total Delivery Capacity

  • 400 Mill eyeball coverage

  • more than 600 Mill population size



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