TM IP Transit

TM IP Transit service is specifically design to provide a very high performance of global and regional connectivity through a single ASN (AS4788). Powered by one of the most interconnected networks, TM provides a reliable network and a scalable capacity with guaranteed delivery of customers’ critical information.

TM IP Transit

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We deliver IP Transit over our wholly-owned global IP network which is optimised for high speed and low latency Internet connectivity. This ensures your connection to the Internet is optimised for peak performance, resilience and instant scalability.

Option 1: TM IP Port with Hosting Services at TM Data Centre


Option 2: TM IP Port with IPLC / IEPL Connectivity


Option 3: TM IP Port Only



Extensive Network Backbone and Coverage

  • TM single ASN4788 network enables global reachability and regional connectivity. AS4788 network reaches more destinations and ensures short hop connectivity.

Guaranteed Service Performance

  • TM offers a high resilient service with fully redundant PoP architectural design and detailed traffic routes information via advance BGP community systems.

Sophisticated Security and Operational Efficiency

  • TM is committed in providing complete carrier class security portfolio and time-critical performance via provided monitoring portal.

Flexible Service Options

  • TM multi-level service model gives customers the flexibility of selecting Value-Added Services (VAS) and Add-On Solution (AOS) that seamlessly accommodate business changing needs.

Key Benefits

Benefits Details
Reliability TM provides fast and reliable Internet connectivity over AS4788 extensive IP backbone network coverage to other major Transit, Peering and Content Distribution Network.
Quality TM guarantees service performance for committed traffic volumes via a SLA and provides rebates upon any failure to meet this guarantee.
Scalability Backed by TM’s own backbone for inter-continental across Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the US diversely terrestrial connectivity and satellite for fully redundant infrastructures.
Simplicity TM offers a wide variety of VAS to customers’ needs such as Anti-DDOS, Hosting Services and Managed Equipment Services. TM also supports simplified business operations with flexible access offering, bandwidth granularity and billing options.


Internet service access for Internet Service Providers, Application Service Providers, Content Service Providers, Foreign Service Providers, Other License Network Operators with extensive connectivity to other Tier 1 providers and peer partners worldwide.

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