Wholesale Internet Access

Wholesale Internet Access (WIA) is a premium Internet service for licensed operators of Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks and content providers. Designed to cater to high-speed and dedicated internet access requirement, WIA offers the highest network scalability, security and flexibility to customers.

Wholesale Internet Access

Our Service

Layer 3 Connectivity to Internet

Connects service providers to TM’s Internet network via extensive IP connectivity worldwide at a medium speed of 20 Mbps which is burstable anytime for any special event.


Secured Internet Service

Provides Anti-DDOS solutions to secure the WIA services from any anonymous attack.

Key Benefits

Benefits Details
Nationwide Infrastructure Availability Provides more than 100 regional Ethernet nodes nationwide.
24 / 7 Customer Service Center Round-the-clock support by experienced service engineers and technicians.
Scalability Offers immediate bandwidth upgrade without any service disruptions to maximise business capability.
Solution Consultant Consultancy services are provided to ensure the best solutions possible.
Content-Rich Platform Multiple private and public peering with domestic and global providers which enable content-rich Internet platforms.
Plug-and-Play Uses Metro-Ethernet or WDM ( Wave-Division-Multiplexing ) technology for access and IP ports to simplify network upgrades and configuration.
IPv6-Enabled IPv4 and IPv6 can run seamlessly using dual-stack approach.
Value Added Services Offers anti DDOS solution to protect the service and enjoy burstable service for any special event.


Suitable for licensed operators with key businesses in ISP networks and content providers.

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