Wholesale Wireless Service (WWS)

These days, connectivity to the Internet permeates all actions and all ages. Be it for leisure or work, customers see the availability of WiFi at an establishment or location as an added bonus. This, in turn can be used as an advantage to differentiate your business. With our WWS, we can give you the advantage of providing WiFi to your customers in an affordable and most convenient manner.

Wholesale Wireless Service (WWS)

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WWS is a service provided via shared wireless infrastructure from Access Point (AP) located at selected sites, which is connected to TM’s network for you to provide WiFi service to your end-users. You may subscribe to any of the packages below:

Category Type
International WiFi Roaming Service Type 1: Shared SSID, Shared Internet
Domestic WiFi Service Type 2: Dedicated SSID, Shared Internet
Type 3: Dedicated SSID, Dedicated Internet


  • Authentication method: Web Login (Manual), WISPr (Auto) and EAP (Seamless).
  • User throughput: Up to 4 Mbps.
  • Integration with customers’ network / WiFi backend system.
  • Reporting


Key Benefits

Benefits Details
Cost-Effective By outsourcing, you will minimise capital and operational costs.
Widely Available More than 12,000 APs – Broad coverage at key areas such as malls, transportation hubs, education premises and retail outlets.
Seamless Seamless EAP authentication and handoverbetween Access Points.
Widely Used Ubiquitous access, increases number of users with WiFi enabled device.

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